Step Up

I ran into Steve from this band and exchanged contacts. He said they were rap-core. Hope to be able to see them somewhere soon.

5/29/01 - I just got a copy of their tape from Club Laga back in March. They got some cool shit. Great stage presence. Great music. They are definantly rap-core. I'm going to push for them to get on the Drivetime Concert Series. Hope to see them around soon


BIO from

Hailing from Pittsburgh PA, STEPup was formed in late 99 when Guitarist Tony Fonzi and Bassist Ian Strang were colaborating on their similar musical interests. When they needed a drummer they called up "Skathentics" Drummer Tim Hinkle, who's unique heavy/jazz style blended well with Fonzi's heavy/melodic style. In the mean time they auditioned other vocalists and things went by in a blur, until Steve Nitsch called Fonzi up looking for a project to start(Nitsch and Fonzi worked on projects together in the past), and he went in and tried out. His aggressive, melodic, and rap-like style fit the role perfectly. Later, in fall of 2000 Ian Strang and STEPup parted ways. Ian was replaced by former One Day Sober bassist, Ed Humberson. Each of the members may be known from previous (in some cases current) projects, such as T.S.S., Intonation, Skathentics and Rampant, combining there talents and mixtures of Hardcore, Jazz, Metal, Blues, Rap, Tribal, Ska and Industrial to come out with a very original and unique sound like none other. So be sure to check back for shows often to go see there explosive live performance.


Check out their web site for more info


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